About “LUG”

Purely by accident, Charles Pelkey, during his 17 years at what was one of the United States’ leading cycling publications, became known as “LUG,” the Live Update Guy.528790_520825181282024_739549381_n

Thinking it “might be interesting,” Pelkey once volunteered to provide live, minute-by-minute coverage of the Tour de France and found he actually enjoyed offering timely updates from that and other major races on the international calendar. Pelkey ended his career at that publication in July of 2011, but found he couldn’t quite pull himself away from offering running commentary (and a few snarky observations) from the sidelines, and LiveUpdateGuy.com was born.

Before stumbling into journalism, Pelkey was a mediocre Category 2 roadie and an early mountain-bike racer back when the bikes were heavy and the governing body (NORBA) was actually run by people who cared more about bikes and riding than they did about meetings.

Pelkey began a career in journalism in the 1980’s, publishing an underground newspaper, then working as a news host and late-night DJ for his local public radio station. After asking a particularly obnoxious question of then-Congressman Dick Cheney, Pelkey was offered a job at the Casper Star-Tribune, which at the time was an aggressive and respected state-wide newspaper. Oddly enough and despite his political affiliation, Pelkey was offered a job as press secretary for former GOP Whip Alan K. Simpson in the U.S. Senate. In 1994, Pelkey had the opportunity to combine his background in journalism with his love of cycling and he jumped at the chance to work at that aforementioned cycling publication. It was a 17-year stint that offered an exceptional opportunity to cover the top tier of the sport and to report on the darker side of cycling and the effect doping has had on the sport we all love.

Pelkey talking about something he thought was important at the time.

Representative Pelkey talking about something he thought was important at the time.

All of that reporting on doping and its legal consequences prompted Pelkey to consider earning his first college degree. Rather impatient, Pelkey asked if he could bypass the requirement that applicants have a bachelor’s degree. Based on work experience – and the fact that one member of the admissions committee was apparently a cycling fan – Pelkey was admitted to law school in 2006 and he earned his JD from the University of Wyoming College of Law in 2009. Throughout that time, Pelkey continued to serve as a full-time editor and reporter.

Pelkey now lives in Laramie, Wyoming, with Diana, his wife of 29 years, and their two children, Philip (21) and Annika (15), whose presence serves as a constant reminder of what really matters in life. He is a founding partner in the law firm of Neubauer, Pelkey and Goldfinger, LLP, and was recently elected to the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Still, now matter how far his career takes him away from it, he just can’t seem to get away from dabbling in cycling “journalism” now and then.

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