Vuelta a España 2015 Stage 11, Andorra to Els Cortals de Encamp, 138km

The 11th Stage of the 2015 Vuelta a España is quite short, but don’t let the distance fool you. This is not only the hardest stage in this year’s Vuelta, it could arguably be the hardest grand tour in decades, packing in more than 5000 meters over just 138 kilometers.

CLICK HERE to join us for wire-to-wire coverage of this remarkably difficult mountain stage in Andorra.

6 thoughts on “Vuelta a España 2015 Stage 11, Andorra to Els Cortals de Encamp, 138km

  1. Charles,

    I am generally a lurker who catches up on the how the race developed after all the action has ended. I just returned from vacation, where I was keeping tabs on all the happenings but wasn't sure I could log in. In any event, I was sorry to hear about your cabin fire. Of course the important thing is that no one was hurt, but you have quite a project in front of you to rebuild. In honor of all the great work you and POG do to keep us crazy followers informed (and because the latest promotional LUG item is irresistible), I would like to make an anonymous matching pledge of $200 today. Given that I probably won't be able to follow along live and that I am hopeful the crew will match the pledge, I have gone ahead and donated now.

    Earlier in the race you requested LUG mug at work pictures. If you let me know where to send one or how to post one on this forum, I will send a picture of my LUG mug at work in DC. I would appreciate it if you could post it anonymously. If not, it would not be the end of the world.

    Looking forward to today's fireworks. And thanks again for all your entertaining coverage.


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