No Coverage of Stage 1 of the 2015 Vuelta

There will be no Live Update Guy Coverage of the first stage of the 2016 Vuelta. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons. LUG and the family are on the road, the LUG software is experiencing technical difficulties, the stage is being run late in the day and, above all, because of the course and team objections, the stage – a Team Time Trial on bad roads – will not count toward the overall standings in this event.
We will try to get our technical issues resolved and we hope to be back for live coverage of Stage 2, a 165-kilometer race from Alhaurin de la Torre to Caminito del Rey.

15 thoughts on “No Coverage of Stage 1 of the 2015 Vuelta

  1. Oh, well. No problem, see you tomorrow. You have been here tiredlessly for each and every stage for as many Grand Tours as Adam Hansen has done. Missing today will do no harm. You can tell us about it tomorrow.
    Hasta mañana!!!!

  2. see you Sunday! I'm sure the riders would prefer to have the day off instead of facing the obstacle course ahead of them.

  3. See you on Sunday! Good luck with the technical issues. Good luck to the riders on today's course too.

  4. See you tomorrow we hope. Have fun on the road. We look forward to the rest of the journey so take your time to resolve the technical issues. Best of luck to the riders who sounded disgruntled.

  5. A team time trial, only 7.4 kilometers long, and partially on sandy surfaces. What is wrong with that picture? Everything. Oh well, stay safe on the road.

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  11. This live coverage would be extremely awesome as I am pretty much excited for this amazing live show. I have no problem with it and I will come here tomorrow for the live coverage because I am excited about it.

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