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NPR, All Things Considered: “Armstrong Stripped Of Titles, Banned From Cycling”
By Tom Goldman
October 22, 2012
Cycling’s governing body Monday stripped Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles and banned him for life. “Lance Armstrong has no place in cycling,” said Pat McQuaid, the president of the cycling union. Armstrong’s name will be erased from the record books and he might also be stripped of his bronze medal from the 2000 Sydney Olympics.
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NPR, All Things Considered: “Lance Armstrong’s decision to stop fighting the doping case against him has drawn mixed reactions from the cycling world and elsewhere.”
By Mike Pesca
August 24, 2012
To athletes young and old, Lance Armstrong has been an icon and an inspiration, even more so to cancer survivors, their families and anyone who wore a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet. So what becomes of Armstrong’s legacy now that his titles are gone and he’s been labeled a doper?
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