The Explainer: Why SLAPPing Paul Kimmage won’t work

Truth is a defense ... and makes for a good read.

Dear Explainer,
The UCI’s dynamic duo – Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid – are at it again. Last year, they sued Floyd Landis. This year, they are going after Paul Kimmage, probably for having the nerve to actually interview Floyd and put their “honesty” and “integrity” into question.

So what’s the deal here? They are going after Kimmage in Swiss courts, but they are not going after the people who actually published the same allegations.

Why Switzerland? Kimmage is Irish and Landis, an American. I don’t think anything they said or published took place in Switzerland. Heck, since McQuaid is Irish, too, why doesn’t he go after Kimmage in an Irish court?

What is the deal with these guys? Do they run to the courts whenever they feel insulted? Why is it that in all of those cases, they seem only to go after about 8000 Swiss francs? If what Landis and Kimmage said about them was so bad, shouldn’t their tarnished reputations be worth more than that?

Finally, why are they going after individuals rather than the newspapers and websites that published those statements in the first place?

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