Okay, I’m committed. LUG is on for the Tour de France

Thanks to all of you for the comments on my post asking if there is interest in Live Updates from this year’s Tour de France. I’m convinced. There appears to be some interest in continuing the tradition of up-to-the-minute commentary, snarky observations and, of course, our patented non-race-related-blah-blah-blah™.

I will be doing the usual coverage, starting with the 6.4-kilometer prologue time trial on Saturday, June 30, in Liège, Belgium.

Not being an employee of a major cycling publication anymore, I do have other commitments that may interfere from time to time, but it looks like we have every stage covered from start to finish. We will have regular contributions from folks like Patrick O’Grady, our mysterious “Man on the Scene,” regular readers like Mons, Joanna and many others, as well as frequent appearances by special guests.

Meanwhile, the crew at LiveUpdateGuy.com appreciate the support you showed during the Giro d’Italia, and we’re not too proud to ask for contributions from readers that will make this year’s Tour coverage possible. We hope to avoid sounding like a public radio station during a pledge drive, but we may find ourselves asking you to “rattle the tip jar,” which you can find on the upper right-hand corner of our home page.