Tour de France 2015 Stage 3, Antwerp to Huy, 160km

The 2015 Tour de France is in Belgium for the third stage of the season’s greatest event. Riders will cover a short 160-kilometer race from Antwerp to a finish atop the storied Mur de Huy, a short steep climb that is usually highlighted in the Spring Classic, La Flèche Wallonne.

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Finish Profile

Tour de France 2015 Stage 2, Utrecht to Zélande, 166km

The Tour de France takes on its first mass-start road race of 2015, moving in a southwesterly direction from Utrecht, covering 166 potentially wind-blown kilometers to a finish in Zélande.

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Tour de France 2015 Stage 1, Utrecht to Utrecht, 13.8km (ITT)

The 2015 Tour de France kicks off with a 13.8-kilometer Individual Time Trial in Utrecht, in the Netherlands.

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Stage 1 Start List

One week and counting:

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This is your yellow alert: It’s just one week until Live Update Guy cranks up the Non-Race-Related Blah-Blah-Blah® to 11 for the Tour de France. Join Charles Pelkey, Man On the Scene (MOTS), the Old Guy Who Gets Fat In Winter, the LUG Nuts Mystery Theatre Repertory Group & Chorale, and some old bald dude whose 15 minutes should have expired with the first Clinton presidency. What the hell, you’re a cube farmer, right? Think of it as virtual fertilizer for whatever you’re growing in there.

Pre-Tour Test and Run

We are putting our software through its paces, mostly to hunt down bugs and look for improvements we can make.

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The Giro is over

The Giro is over and we’ve been here for three weeks, ever since the Team Time Trial start in San Lorenzo a Mare. We are off the air for the time being.
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